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Universal Arm, Wrist, One Size Fits All Cell Phone/Small Device Holder. Only $9.99
The CellBand can hold a wide variety of small devices. It can hold Cell Phones, Smart Phones (iPhone) flip phones, ipod, MP3, Recorders, Personal Alarms, and any other small item that you need. The adhesive Velcro strips allow The CellBand to be very versatile while at the same time secure. Plus, The CellBand triples as a machine washable wrist sports band and a cell phone stand or prop . And, if you look to the right of this page, "The CellBand 5 in 1" is the better buy in most cases.

Why should you use The CellBand? In addition to being the perfect holder for jogging this holder is comfortable and does not cause chaffing or irritations. Furthermore, you will be able to operate your device while it is in the holder. (hands-free speakerphone use, videos, and music) Moreover, your phone is less likely to be misplaced or lost, and, when you have no pockets the Comfortable CellBand can free your hands. In addition to the above advantages The CellBand also comes in multiple colors.

Please refer to the video above for detail instructions and tips. Also, printed instructions and adhesive strips are included with each CellBand.
Only $9.99 For One 
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Stay in contact as you ride your bike.
Flip phones work with The CellBand too.
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Use The CellBand as a Prop for Movies, Music, ect.
Welcome to CellBand.com Arm, Wrist, Cell Phone Holder
The CellBand 5-in-1
The CellBand 5 in 1 has been upgraded. You can now use the provided adhesive strip on the back of your phone or hard plastic case.  If you have a silicone, rubber, or rugged case you are all set and do not need to use the adhesive strips. If you want super strength, use a silicone protector with a adhesive strip on the back. The upgraded version can hold all kinds of smart, flip, bar phones, and small devices and items. If you need a case you can purchase one from Wal-Mart, Dollar Tree, or a Mall Kiosk. 
BLACK $9.99 TBO5
Pink $9.99 TPO5
White $9.99 TWO5
Blue $9.99 TBL5
Use "The CellBand" to hold your Smart Phone on a tripod.
The CellBand 5 in 1 can hold a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 which is the largest Smart phone to date.
Try our new product "The CaseBand" for iPhone 5 and more. Click here 
All CellBands at Retail Price comes with a lanyard, rain protector, and key ring.